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Dr. Aqsa Dr. Aamir (DADA)
CEO of DADA WATER Tech & Chem (Pvt) Ltd.

"At DADA WATER Tech & Chem (Pvt) Ltd, we are dedicated to pioneering advancements in both Water Treatment Technologies and Water Treatment Chemicals. Our innovative solutions ensure optimal water quality and efficient resource management, addressing the diverse needs of our clients. By integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, we strive to create a significant impact in the world. Join us in our mission to make world sustainable."

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Social responsibility and commitment

We’re committed to making our efforts, large and small, beneficial for everyone in everycommunity we serve. We believe in supporting the health of our communities, the health of the environment, and we come to work every day dedicated to doing great work that reflects these values.
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Husnain Bin Tariq

Commissioning Officer

Meet Hasnain Bin Tariq, a pivotal member of our team at DADA WEETech Pvt Ltd,…

Sohail Mushtaq

Sr. Graphic Designer

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Zeeshan Akram

Business Dev. Engineer

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Muhammad Touseef

Sr. Process Chemist

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DADA GROUP is proud to serve a diverse clientele across multiple industries.Our clients trust us for our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable solutions.


Customers about us

“We have been so impressed with the quality of the service that we had. I highly recommend DADA WEETech PVT LTD for Sustainable solutions.”

Omar M. Zaid

Shiekhupura, Lahore

“I will be recommending this company not just because of the friendly helpful service, but also because of the quality products and reasonable prices.”

Hassan Ali

Sundar Estate, Lahore